Information About Activity of INPREDKADRY Firm of the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (GLAVUpDK under MFA of Russia)

Information About Activity of INPREDKADRY Firm of the Main. . .

Information About Activity of INPREDKADRY Firm of the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (GLAVUpDK under MFA of Russia)

Created under the Russian government’s decision in 1921 the Bureau for Services to Foreigners – Byurobin (predecessor of GlavUpDK under the Russian Foreign Ministry) along with the provision of office premises to embassies, housing for diplomats and other services has begun to address the problem of recruitment of qualified specialists and service personnel from Russian citizens for the first diplomatic missions accredited in Moscow.

With the development of foreign trade relations, establishment of permanent correspondent offices of the world’s news agencies and leading newspapers Byurobin’s scope of activities for the selection of Russian staff has greatly expanded. Being a monopolist in the market for the recruitment of personnel for all foreign missions, the personnel service of GlavUpDK by the beginning of the 1990s possessed tens of thousands of curriculum vitae of experts in foreign trade operations, financiers, secretaries, translators, secretaries, drivers, chefs, maids, governesses and other service staff.

The high qualification of the offered personnel, sustainable many-year relations with the customers, complex servicing, a flexible tariff police allows up to occupy the leading positions in this sphere of services.

The majority of diplomatic missions accredited in Russia actively cooperate with the firm on mutually advantageous terms. A total over 2,000 Russian citizens successfully work for them.

Our firm’s customers are over 400 representative offices of foreign companies, banks and air carriers, 50 offices of mass media, Russian structures with foreign capital that currently employ more than 4,000 Russian citizens.

Inpredkadry offers a wide range of services. The most popular among foreign missions are the following:
— oustaffing as one of the most widespread forms of recruitment of workers without putting them on the staff of a foreign representative office;
— staff records management and legal consultations on the labor legislation;
— comprehensive accounting services, tax consulting, preparation of accounting and tax reporting;
— financial services, primarily payroll and other personal income calculation, as well as calculation of taxes on incomes of both Russian and foreign individuals – workers of foreign representative offices;
— organization of medical and health resort treatment, tourism and recreation, corporate events in the Moscow region and other regions of Russia, assessment of workplaces.

The provision of the above set of personnel and financial services fully relieves foreign representative offices of the task to organize the personnel service, transferring all the employer functions to our firm. The complex accounting services provided by our firm, preparation of accounting and tax reporting, as well as other services allows a foreign representative office to focus its resources on the core business, reduce operating costs and get more favorable conditions for business.

The main priority for Inpredkadry in its work is reliability, strict compliance with Russian legislation and the maximum customer satisfaction.

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