Services of RF CCI

Services of RF CCI

Services of RF CCI

Services Development Department of RF CCI provides various business information for Russian and foreign clients. Please, contact us if you are interested in our services and cooperation.

1. Search for business partners in Russia

RF CCI can provide you with the lists of potential business partners and clients based on your request. You will receive full contact information (phones, fax, emails, website, CEO’s name) and brief descriptions of goods and services for each company.

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2. Creation of commercial proposals

We can assist you in preparing the commercial proposal for Russian company by translating it to Russian language.

3. Business reports on Russian companies

RF CCI has access to the large databases of Russian companies and can verify legal status, check contacts, obtain financial data and other information helpful for the decision-making.

We advice not to pay any upfront fees to the Russian companies until you verified them properly.

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4. Business reports on foreign companies

RF CCI can provide you with the comprehensive reports on foreign companies. Reports include registration information, history of the company, structure, financial reports and other important data. Each company has a rating, based on their financial situation. All information is constantly updated and verified.

5. Customs tariffs on import/export

Information on customs tariffs for various goods (HS6 classificatory).

6. Advertisement on website

RF CCI provides the opportunity to place commercial ads on the main page, and other sections of our website. Additionally, we can help you with Russian version of text or a banner.

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Services Development Department
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Fax: +7-495-620-04-08
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Contact person: Mr. Chepelev Anton