Congress arrangement

Congress arrangement


Сongress Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

СONGRESS CENTRE of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation is located in a historic building, close to the Kremlin. Restoration of the Centre, returning as result, the initial look of the Moscow exchange of the and of the XIX century. Conference or symposium, presentation or reception, auction, or stock-exchange session, share-holders meeting or charity party organized by you in the Congress Centre of the Russian CCI, undoubtedly will enhance the prestige of your firm in international business world. In the, vestibule of the Centre you will find a place for exhibition of goods produced by your firm.



  • Conference hall, 371 square metres, for 138 persons, convertible for 290 persons;
  • Vestibule, 340 square metres;
  • Premises for negotiations (2-10 persons);
  • Balcony for the press;
  • Equipment for simultaneous translation into 4 languages in the INFRACOM system;
  • Conference-system for 32 delegates with 10 commentator microphones in the hall, sound and videorecording of presentations, optical videoprojector of a large scope, slide projectors of different types.


6, Ilyinka St., Moscow, 109012
Telephone+7(495) 620-0268
Fax: +7(495) 620-0345