RF CCI Business Centre

RF CCI Business Centre

RF CCI Business Centre

The Business Centre of the RF CCI is located in Moscow's historical downtown, the district called Chistiye Prudy (Clearwater Ponds).Conditions for the work of entrepreneurs are created here. Its structure enables them to establish prospective links, to find partners and investors, to sign business agreements and contracts.

RF CCI Business Centre offers you:

  • 40 new offices
  • 80-seat conference hall

The cozy ground-floor restaurant and bar keep a good table with European and Georgian cuisine. The galleries on Floors 1 and 2 feature canvasses of well-known Russian painters. The conference hall on the ground floor of the Business Centre is equipped with modern sound equipment and lighting, comfortable furniture and 2 air-conditioners.

The Conference hall offers you:

  • holding seminars, presentations and meetings (10 to 80 participants);
  • Leasing of TV and video equipment;
  • Leasing of audio equipment and microphones.

Alongside business events the Centre arranges banquets, standing buffets and coffee breaks. Events You can organise at the RF CCI Business Centre will undoubtedly add up to the profile of Your company.

RF CCI Business Centre
Address: 5/10, Bdg.1, Office 101, Chistoprudny Blvd, Moscow, 101000
E-mail: bc3@bcwtc.co.ru

Managing Expert:
Telephone: +7 (495) 755-5650

Telephone:+7 (495) 755-5683

Telephone: +7 (495) 755-5685