Information Services

Information Services

Information Services

Electronic Technologies & Services Development Department of CCI of Russia provides various business information services for Russian and foreign clients. Please, contact us if you are interested in our services and cooperation.

1. Search for business partners in Russia

CCI of Russia can provide you with the lists of potential business partners and clients based on your request. You will receive full contact information (phones, fax, emails, website, CEO’s name) and brief descriptions for each company.  

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2. Assistance in promotion of your company to the Russian market

We can assist you in promoting of your company to the Russian market and prepare the commercial proposal  for your Russian partners,  provide you with various marketing data, translate your marketing materials and business documents. Please contact us for details.

3.  Business reports on Russian companies

CCI of Russia has access to the official registers and databases of Russian companies and could verify for you the legal status of almost any Russian legal entity. The report will include company registration information (company ID,  official Taxpayer number, official contacts and director’s name). In addition we could provide you with the available financial and accounting company’s data and other information helpful for the decision-making.

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4. Business reports on international  companies

CCI of Russia could provide you with the comprehensive international  companies reports. The report includes registration and owner’s information, history of the company, structure, financial records and other data. Company’s rating? based on their financial situation could be added (if available). All information is constantly updated and verified.

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5. Customs tariffs on import/export

Information about customs tariffs used in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) for different types of commodities  (HS tariff nomenclature).

6. Ad-hoc marketing reports and actual market price data.

On request CCI of Russia prepares ad-hoc  marketing research including actual market price investigation, customer and consumer  reports in both B-to-B and B-to-C  segments for almost all industry sectors.


Electronic Technologies & Services Development Department CCI of Russia

Tel.: 8-495-620-05-01, 8-495-620-04-38

Fax: 8-495-620-02-70


Contact persons:  Mrs. Svetlana Barinova, Mr. Dmitry Ryzhov

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